Do You know you can explore other stellar systems? Do you see a lot of weird Asian characters on the star map? It's because the first succeeded explorer can name the said system!

To explore, select your ship and click Move, scroll to the biggest star map, check Show all at the bottom right corner and click the galaxy you want to explore

For every exploration, you need to enter 3 value: X, Y and Z (between 0~9)

Since star gate doesn't work (we don't know the coordinate), so it takes a long moving time. Check your ship's speed.

Once arrived, there's 50% of chance that you lose your ship (space accident). And 50% of chance your ship encounter enemies.

Depending on the level of difficulty of a galaxy, the strength of enemies varies. Exploration is REAL BATTLE DAMAGE, your ship can be destroyed and your modules may downgrade if hit.

If you are lucky and defeat the enemies, your ship will be back with information and you will receive reward. The report will tell you if you got your value right or if the value is too small/big.

When all 3 value are exact. System exploration success and will be open to all players. The explorer can name the galaxy and get the final reward.