This page lists some common abbreviations present in the game

General Edit

Abbreviation Description Extra Info
AP Action point (aka. energy)
UCP Universal currency point (aka. money)
EP Execution point Used by Legions to upgrade planetary infrastructure, conquer planets, fast transfer depot goods, and other tasks
MP Merit point Total LP earned while in a legion, affects a member's salary level defined in the Legion Title Screen
LP Legion point This is the legion's own currency which can be gained by completing Bounty Missions and spent on gear/hulls/ucp in Exchange Missions.
Mining Difficulty How difficult it is to mine rock from a space mine, lower means easier If it takes 1 hour to mine 1000 m3 rock from a 100 difficulty space mine, it would take 15 minutes to mine the same amount on a 25 difficulty space mine.
System Difficulty Difficulty of a planet or moon or moon conquer attempt, lower means easier Shown on the galactic screen for each system as

{System} {System Name} {difficulty}%

Also shown at top left of UI when zoomed into a planet or moon.

{System}-{Planet}-{Moon} {difficulty}%