Weapons Edit

Railguns Edit

200% damage to armors
50% damage to shields
normal damage to other
Name Prefix Description
Armor Piercing AP Equipped with AP shells

Causes damage to the target and modules behind the target Lower DPS than the other railguns

High Explosive HE Equipped with HE shells

Highest direct damage between railguns

Rapid Fire RF Quick-firing built-in

Good attack speed

Lasers Edit

200% damage to shields
50% damage to armors
normal damage to other
Name Prefix Description
Pulse P Fast shooting, lower energy consumption, lower damage
Cluser C Same DPS as P-Laser, but slightly longer range. Firing speed, energy consumption, and damage are twice that of the P-Laser.

Launchers Edit

Normal damage to everything (Shields, Armor, Modules)
Causes splash damage
Vulnerable to Anti-Air
Name Prefix Description
Direct D Forward firing missile, hits the enemy frontally

Strongest hull of all missiles, therefore most difficult to intercept

Left/Right L or R Sidewards firing missile, useful for heavily armoured enemies, hits the enemy from the left/right

Medium strength missile hull, weaker than direct, but stronger than backwards firing missile

Back B Backwards firing missile, useful for heavily armoured enemies, hits the enemy from behind

Weakest hull of all missiles, therefore most easily intercepted

Defense Edit

System Edit

Name Description Comment
Core Increases power Each module uses up a certain amount of power, this lets you have more or higher level modules installed on your ship.
Battery Increases energy This is used up each time a weapon or anti-air fire. If it goes down to 0, the energy amount will reset to 1500(approx), turn yellow, and state that an overload is imminent. If this energy is used up, your ship will blow up.
Engine Increases propulsion Ships have a base movement speed, This module increases that.

During battles this will make your ship move closer to the enemy ships faser.

In the system view, this allows a mining ship to move faster between the space station and space mine.

In the galactic view, this affects how quickly you can travel between different systems.

Miner Allows rock (ore) to be mined
Container Increases cargo capacity Cargo capacity is used to hold mined ore as well as any items when moving goods between systems.