After joining a legion, you will probably be asked to move to your legion's capital, where all missions are issued, following HR's route.

Conditions Edit

First, you need to be at least level 10. It is suggested to use transport or high speed ships since they are designed to be used so. Transport ship increases the cargo capacity but decreases the movement speed, High speed ships increases the movement speed but decreases the cargo capacity. You can also use other types but they are not suitable.

You also need some containers, some engines and some cores. The most important attributes are speed and cargo, they can be seen when you edit your ship.

  • Container increases cargo capacity, requires less power, but has a huge impact on speed.
  • Engine increases the thrust, which can be seen as speed (speed = thrust * 10000 / mass) but requires a lot of power.

Cargo Edit

After you configured your transport ship depending on your current situation, it is time to pack your stuff in your ship. Click ShipsYour shipCargo. You can transfer your stuff between the local depot and your ship's cargo here.

Move Edit

After packing your stuff, it’s time to move. Click ShipsYour shipMove. Now you can choose your destination and click `Set out`. Note, it is important to follow the spaceline your HR gave you since it is way faster than go to the capital directly generally. The spaceline may also differ if you want to go back to the initial systems since star gate is a one way tool.

Fast shipping Edit

Four initial systems (1-1, 597-1, 715-1, 909-1) all have a trading center. You can put your ores, materials and debris for sell at the highest price (but there are still chance that they are bought by others, but it is usually very low if you are fast enough). Immediately after, go to ThreadsOrders and cancel your order. Your items will be sent to you inbox. You can then receive it at the target planet. This method is called “airdrop”.

Be careful, there is a process fee of 1% at the trading center, judge yourself if it is worth or not.