Salvage is the practice of obtaining debris from ships (NPC or player) destroyed in the battlefield.

Mechanisms Edit

After every combat that occurred in a planet's battlefield, certain amount of debris will be generated according to the value of destroyed ships/modules. The majority of debris will automatically be stored in the depot of the local legion. The rest will remain in space.

When a combat is over, the battlefield which the fight took place will proceed to the salvage stage. Everyone can then send their ship to collect debris. A player doesn't need to be in the battle to salvage.

The salvage result will be calculated every hour. Your gain depends only on your ship's cargo capacity, your speed and the salvage duration. The bigger the capacity, the faster your ship, the longer your time, the more effective it is. The debris will be separated between all salvaging ships every hour. If there are still remaining debris after the first calculation, the system will then proceed to the second calculation next hour.

Formula: (speed + 200) * cargo * (seconds salvaging + 3600)

Ship builds Edit

Any ship can be used as a salvager. However, there are two ship types which are most suitable:

  • Transport type: since it provides the highest cargo buff, it is very effective in Salvage. However, they are very slow, which means that your ship may not be able to arrive on time.
  • High-speed type: even if their cargo capacity is quite limited, they are extremely fast with enough engines.

The only modules salvaging ships need are powercores, containers and engines. Weapon and armor are not needed since players can not attack salvaging ships.