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Missions are the primary way of battling enemy NPC ships to get a variety of rewards.

Main Edit

These are solo PvE missions where the player battles enemy ships using their configured ship of choice. Winning battles, clearing levels, and whole stages have a number of rewards.

Missions Main

Missoin Stages
  • These are the numbers at the left of the screen
  • Each stage is composed of 20 levels, each with 3 difficulties
  • Beating the easy difficulty on level 20 unlocks the next stage
  • Stars represent beating all levels at a difficulty
    • 1 star for easy, 2 for normal, 3 for hard


  • Beating a level difficulty grants a star
  • At the bottom of th Main Mission UI is a list of rewards avaiable to the player once they get enough stars in that stage
  • The reward progress is shown under each picture as {current}/{target} 
    • Current is the total number of stars player has recieved in the current stage
    • Target is the number of stars required to unlock the reward
  • Rewards in green have been unlocked and can be clicked on to be received
  • Rewards in gray have already been received
  • First two stages give a mix of metal, ore, and credits
  • All stages after follow this pattern for rewards
    • 20 stars to get 50 credits
    • 40 stars to get 80 credits
    • 60 stars to get 100 credits
Mission Level Progression
  • These are the main content of the mission screen
  • Player must beat easy difficulty of a level to unluck the next level


Mission Level screen
  • Clicking on a level from the main screen, opens up the level difficulty UI
  • Player can click on the left side to open the ship selector
    • This will be the ship which particpates in the battle
    • Ship requires at least one weapon to be elligible to fight
  • The modules listed for each difficulty indicate what the enemy ships will be equpped with.
  • Clicking on Challange will start the battle, and if succesful will consume 5 AP and reward the player
    • Failed attempts do not consume AP
  • If a difficutly is already beaten, a Sweep button will appear
    • This immeditly grant the player rewards and deduct AP
    • This does not open the battle UI


  • The first time the difficutly is beaten, player is guaranteed to get one of the modules listed and the UCP and EXP amounts
    • In the example screenshot, beating the Easy diffuclty of 2-2 will grant player with 1950 UCP, 160 EXP and one of the listed modules
  • Clearing an already beaten level difficulty will give reduced rewards
    • UCP and EXP rewards are cut in half
    • Module rewards are not guaranteed
  • Module reward may include 1 or more of the drawn module

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